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    Indianapolis’ Finest Recording Studio

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Recording Studio

Grizzly Music Company is a full-service recording studio that specializes in artist recording, plus audio for radio, tv, and film, as well as custom and royalty-free music. We provide multiple types of recording needs. Are you in a band? Do you want to record your music for promotional purposes? If so, let us help you get the best sound for your band. And if you live in the Utah area, and you want more information about photos and music for weddings and events, we can steer you in the right direction there too.


If you’ve longed to learn the art of piano playing or the skill it takes to strum that dusty guitar sitting in the corner, Grizzly Music Company is your answer. We offer a vast array of private lessons (G101) that focus on cultivating creativity. Within a short time, you will be playing as well as creating your own music. Even the best guitarists all started from the beginning.

G201 and GU

At Grizzly, we have learned that it takes more than just a few minutes a week to see improvement on an instrument. Our songwriting and band instruction tracks (G201, GU) will take your music education to the next level while helping you achieve your musical goals. If your goal is to become good enough to play in a live band, we can help you get there.