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  • Indianapolis’ Finest Recording Studio

    Indianapolis’ Finest Recording Studio

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    Music Instruction

  • Private Instruction

    Private Instruction

  • Band Instruction

    Band Instruction

Featured Track

Reach A Little Further is a track from the very awesome, very special band, Veseria. We have worked with these guys…and gal…for a little while now and you can’t ask for better musicians or people. Check out this track and share it with your friends, you won’t regret it.


Recording Studio

Grizzly Music Company is a full-service recording studio that specializes in artist recording, plus audio for radio, tv, and film, as well as custom and royalty-free music. We provide multiple types of recording needs.  Our goal is to help take from where you are right now, to where you want to be. Let’s journey together.

Private Lessons

If you’ve longed to learn the art of piano playing or the skill it takes to strum that dusty guitar sitting in the corner, Grizzly Music Company is your answer. We offer a vast array of private lessons  that focus on cultivating creativity. Within a short time, you will be playing as well as creating your own music.


At Grizzly, we see the instruments we play as tools to create art, and truly believe that everyone can and should be writing their own songs.  In our songwriting class we give you the tools that you need to begin to craft your own songs and take your music to the next level.  From there you are encouraged to record your songs in our studio so you can show your friends and family.